Tuesday, June 14, 2016

From Trike to Robot?

This is an intriguing find that has been incubating for a while, Infento; the adult sized LEGO experience that looks like it’s based on 80/20 aluminum struts of commercial assembly lines. Perhaps you’ll like it just because it’s the ultimate way to avoid having to assemble presents the night before Christmas by redefining the problem as an opportunity, but seriously, anyone that grows up with this will have a healthy ingrained notion that they can reconfigure things.
Two elements they pulled together nicely, include a solid set of powertrain components with disc brake, and second, a build process that uses a single simple tool. It’s a clear win when you can inspire building projects with kids but as to their story pitch, I’m pretty sure the teenager will want a dirt bike and will raid the parts for their FRC robot instead. Beware, strife may develop when an older sister borrows some parts for her teams' bot. For my endeavors,  it's more expensive than I'm looking for in a low-cost robotics platform, but I wish them well and hope they continue to deliver on the vision, it looks like they have started some deliveries.