Thursday, October 20, 2016

micro:bit workshop with a twist of Diwali

A friend at ARM computing is hosting an event for coworkers to make Diwali festival-of-lights decorations using BBC micro:bits. It's a good fit since the micro:bit has a generous set of 25 LEDs to make festive emojis out of. They wanted to know what additional options there were. So we had a workshop to cover some possibilities.

Topics included:
  • 6 of the language tools that support the micro:bit 
  • WS2812B / NeoPixel LEDs 
  • Accelerometers 
  • Simple connectionless radio, and BLE support 
  • And a few more things. 

The examples were build using a block/javascript based IDE that can run from the web or can be installed locally. This IDE has a good infrastructure for adding additional libraries. 

The slides in pdf form are attached here.